diet mistakes before 12 pm

Top 7 Diet Mistakes You’re Making Before 12 PM

Diet Mistakes

If you want to improve your diet, don’t do such kinds of diet mistakes like Skipping meals, eating rather late, or having something low in calories can not just impact your health but also your mood.

diet mistakes

A healthy start to the day begins right in the morning. Hence, what you eat is very important as it sets the course for the rest of the day. Here are some diet mistakes you probably make before 12 pm that you need to avoid.

1) Skipping Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. The study noted that skipping breakfast will increase the risk of obesity, elevated cholesterol, or fats in the blood, high blood pressure, Type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and heart disease.

Skipping Breakfast will show a lot of health problems. It not only will start suffering from hunger pangs but you’ll also end up eating a lot more than you should.

skipping breakfast

Studies have also shown that those who ate regular breakfast recorded low BMI levels, have better digestion, and stay more alert throughout the day.

2) Eating Quickly

Eating too quickly may add an extra size to your waistline, as well as raise your risk of heart disease, diabetes, and stroke, according to new research.

eating quickly

Her advice is to take it slow and focus on internal, physiological cues (like feelings of fullness) instead of external cues (such as eating just to eat or eating at a certain time of day when you’re not actually hungry).

3) Multi-Tasking While Eating

Eating food when your in some work. It’s doesn’t fulfill your stomach. Moreover, you will eat either more or less when you do multitasking while eating.

multitasking while eating

Multi-tasking and eating can make you more prone to overeating and not actually satisfy you. Food is meant to be enjoyed mindfully and not in a rush.

4) Not Drinking Enough Water

Not drinking enough water can cause an overall fluid loss in the body. This fluid loss can lead to a decrease in blood volume that puts excess pressure on the heart to deliver oxygen and nutrients to the organs, including the muscles.
Drink water as often as you can and as much of it as you can.

Not drinking enough water can affect

Lack of water can cause you to experience periods of fatigue and low energy as your body tries to function without enough water.
You should also aim at including more water-filled foods in your breakfast. It will help in easy digestion too.

5) Distracted Eating

If you want to lose weight, start out by putting your phone down when you’re eating. Eating while sitting in front of the TV or while staring at your phone contributes to weight gain, a sedentary lifestyle, and overall unhealthiness, according to a new study.

distracted eating

What happens when you do this is that you get distracted and cannot focus on your meal. This can affect your health.

6) Diet Low In Fiber And Protein

If so, you may not be getting all the fiber you need raising your risks for weight gain, heart disease, and cancer. Constipation can result from lack of fiber, but also from too little exercise and certain medications and supplements.

The most severe form of protein deficiency is known as kwashiorkor. Protein deficiency is when people do not get adequate amounts of protein from their diet

low protein

A small amount of protein may cause changes in body composition that develop over a long period of time, such as muscle wasting.

7) Staying Up Into The Early Morning Hours

You might want to reconsider staying up until 3 a.m to do some work or watching your favorite movie. Not only does lack of sleep leave you feeling completely exhausted the next day, but it also contributes to a number of other issues including a higher risk of weight gain and obesity.

staying upto early morning

According to the National Sleep Foundation, when our bodies are sleep-deprived, the result is a higher-than-normal craving for sweets like cookies and desserts, as well as other snack foods. Click here for more articles

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