Top 7 Benefits Of Massage For Rapid Weight Loss

What is a massage?

Massage is applying pressure on specific areas of the body, with a certain degree of uniformity. You may target various muscle groups, tendons, ligaments, various organs, joints, and so on.

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You can use your hands for a good massage but in some cases elbows, forearms are also used. Now, even mechanical methods of massaging are also used as chairs, recliners, giving you the benefits of massaging minus the human touch, of course. Massage can provide innumerable benefits besides the most obvious ones!

Does massages help for weight loss?

People who are looking for natural ways to lose weight should definitely try somebody massage. A massage does wonderful things to your over- fatigued self, kicking you back to work mode, put new heart into your scheme of things, and make you ready for fresh new challenges.

Top 7 Benefits Of Massage For Rapid Weight Loss 1

But do you know that there is a certain body massage for fat loss as well? But there are certainly proponents of this theory that a massage can enhance your weight loss efforts.

Benefits Of Massage:

Benefits Of Massage

1) Improves Blood Circulation

The blood circulatory system or cardiovascular system carries nutrients and oxygen to all the cells in the body. It consists of the heart and the blood vessels crisscrossing through the entire body.

The arteries transport blood away from the heart; the veins, on the other hand, carry it back to the heart. Massage helps activate your blood vessels and ensures that the blood reaches every vital organ, in order to function optimally.

Massages also amplify the interchange of substances between tissue cells and blood which helps maintain the functioning of tissue metabolism. Thus if the blood flow is enhanced, more nutrients reach the vital organs of the body, ensuring that they function well.

2) Muscle Strength is improved

If you are into hardcore exercises, a massage can revitalize your tired sore muscles in the best way possible. Whether it’s a tough bout of boxing in the ring or some really vigorous strength –training exercises, a massage can optimize you and bring you back to your resilient self.

A regular workout helps you build the strength of muscle, while massages help you relax after a vigorous workout at the gym. This helps maintain the elasticity and strength of the muscles and also avoid muscle-related injuries. Athletes swear by massages, as it shields them from niggling injuries.

3) Fat Reduction

Our bodies store fat in tiny appendages which are known as fat cells. Research has substantiated the fact that if you regularly massage the area, which has an excessive accumulation of fat, the fat cells can be reduced. But you have to use massage techniques in conjunction with exercises and a nutritious diet.

4) Improves Body Metabolism

With the rigmarole of work and worry, your metabolism can suffer a serious nose-dive. And if you do not take the right steps to do something about your weight gain, things can go rapidly downhill as far as your health is concerned.

So, if your aim is to drop those excess pounds, make sure you include massaging to aid weight loss. Targeted massage techniques can boost your metabolism. Then you can burn up nutrients at a quicker pace leading to continuous fat burn.

5) Reduce Cellulite

If there is too much fat accumulation, you would also have cellulite. Cellulite is found more around the areas of thighs and the buttocks. An invigorating massage can help you get rid of ugly cellulite marks. With proper massaging, the fat gets distributed, and it gets ready to be absorbed by the body. The increase in metabolism also helps in cutting down the cellulite levels of the body.

6) Get rid of toxins from the body

Your circulatory system helps get rid of toxins from the body through the urinary tract and kidneys. If your blood-flow gets a boost, then you will be able to get rid of the toxins from your body with the help of massage and exercise.

You can get rid of toxins by massaging fat to lose weight and experience an increase in stamina and an overall feeling of well-being. The accumulation of toxins is one reason for the increased levels of fat in the body.

Get rid of toxins from the body

So, if you increase your efforts to get rid of the toxins, you will be able to lose weight too with ease. Toxic accumulation can also prove to be the precursor of various lifestyle disorders.

Once you are able to get rid of toxins, you will be able to remove lactic acid from the body. Massaging also ensures that a greater amount of oxygen is transferred to the different parts of the body. An extremely strenuous workout can mow you down considerably, but as soon as you take a massage, your sore muscles feel revived and reanimated. A masseuse can work magic with his or her hands, and you definitely will feel the lasting benefits of it.

7) Better sleep

Massage therapy has been shown to be better for sleep because it helps people relax, relieves pain, and it can also stimulate hormones that are conducive to sleep.

Top 3 Massage Techniques

There are many techniques employed by massage therapists, to cater to your specific condition.

One of the most common and popular massages is the deep tissue massage, which is absolutely perfect to heal your muscles from injuries and also reach out to deeper muscle layers.

Top 7 Benefits Of Massage For Rapid Weight Loss 2

Another massage technique that is quickly climbing the popularity charts is the Swedish massage. This kind of massage is usually offered in spas, where masseurs use vibration and different kneading techniques to provide relief.

Another massage technique is called a trigger point massage. It focuses on sensitive muscle points.

Weight Loss Massage Oils Work?

Some people who are trying for weight loss and shape up their body from years but still not getting desired results? For them the best way to reduce weight and shape up their body by applying these slimming oils.

Slimming massage oils will help you in toning down the fatty areas and also, helps the skin to maintain its elasticity too so that weight loss does not leave you with sagging skin. So, here are some best oils in the market which you can try out.

Top 7 Benefits Of Massage For Rapid Weight Loss 3

1) Blue Nectar Ayurvedic Anti Cellulite Oil & Slimming Oil

2) Truveda Slimming Oil

3) Kayos Botanicals Anti Cellulite Massage Oil

4) Shahnaz Husain’s Vedic Solution Slimcal Plus Oil

5) VLCC Shape Up Slimming Oil

Certain massage oils have proven beneficial in aiding weight loss, they are no substitute for healthy eating and exercise. Massage therapy with fat-burning oils will bring you closer to your desired body weight goals.

So as long as you keep these three weight loss pillars are main

  • Eat Healthily
  • Exercise
  • Keep track of the calories you consume
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Losing weight is no easy task and it requires a great deal of commitment, patience, and perseverance. Just keep your expectations realistic and you won’t be disappointed. Keep more focus on healthy eating and physical activity, and do proper massages for weight loss.

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